POP Cats here we come!

Will we see you at POP Cats in Austin, Texas May 4&5?

In a few weeks we are going to Austin, Texas to attend the awesome cat festival POP Cats! We went last year and had a blast!

We can’t wait to meet all you amazing people and this year we are not only spreading Monty Happiness but also Molly Happiness and we have a fun surprise in our booth!

Have you gotten your ticket yet? If not, hurry up and get yours right here: https://popcats.org

Two of our best friends live in Texas so we will stay for a week instead of just a weekend! That means 7 days with vegan donuts from Woodoo! No just kidding, maybe 5 days! 😛

Our amazing friend (who is also the kids’ auntie) Martha will be staying at our house with Monty and Molly. She is the best and both Monty and Molly loves her!


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