The two most embarrassing things I have ever done!

It’s Monday and in case you are feeling the Monday blues just like me, I want to cheer you up with the two most embarrassing things I have ever done! It’s funny and very embarrassing!

Some of you might know one of the stories. It’s regarding Monty missing (believe me it’s funny) and a cats belly button!

Last year in the summer time Monty went missing!
We were 100% sure he’d run out the front door! He must have, ‘cause we couldn’t find him ANYWHERE!
We searched the entire house and backyard and I mean EVERYWHERE! Inside the couch, the cabinets everywhere the house, the oven (!!) and the fridge! He was no where to be found and we were desperate!
After searching for him for 2 hours, we had to ask for help to find him before the sun went down! So we went live from Monty’s pages and asked people in the area to come and help us look. The thing is that when you go live from your phone you can’t choose a specific area for your live stream so we had to go live in front of all of Monty’s followers on Instagram and Facebook.

We live on the country side and right up against some woods so the find Monty would be very difficult to do alone!
No one on our street had seen Monty except for a worker that had seen a cat like Monty walking into the woods hours ago. We panicked even more and since it also was the hottest summer in 30 years, we had to force our way into the very dense woods in shorts and t-shirts (both Michael and I got some pretty deep cuts, but of course we didn’t even notice because our boy was missing)!
Soon after going live, crying from the woods for help, amazing people started to show up to help us search and soon more than 15 people were looking and more were on the way!
At one point I (Mikala) was so exhausted from crying and calling for Monty that I went inside for some water with one of the people who had come to help us, Anne.
I was crying my heart out and Anne tried to calm me down, when she suddenly said totally casually, “Hey Monty, there you are!” In a split second I thought to myself “that’s mean to make a joke like that”, until I looked in her direction! And there he was! Laying totally chill in a box connected to his cat flap!
We have never been so happy, relieved and annoyed all at the same time. He had been there the whole time while we had been going out of our minds, searching the entire house, the freaking oven and fridge (!!), the woods with cuts up and down our limbs, went live and worried so many people and dragged people all the way to our place to help us look, when he was laying comfortably napping the entire time!
We were so embarrassed but all the people that had showed up were so nice and cool and everyone was invited in for a special meet-and-greet with Monty, cold sodas (and beer for those who had been extra worried: me!), chips and Monty pillows for everyone!
What a day! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️😂

IMG_0647 2
His hiding place!



The other embarrassing thing is funny enough also involving a cat!

I was cat mom to the sweetest little three-legged ginger boy named Mikkel.
I have always been a tiny bit overprotective of my fur kids and when said that I one day found a very suspicious small bald spot on Mikkel’s belly. After counting nipples I was certain that it was something other than that so I called the vet and asked for an emergency appointment NOW since it was Friday and I couldn’t let my poor boy go around with this weird thing on his belly for an entire weekend! As I told the vet, it could be anything and maybe something serious!
I got the appointment and I called my friend and told her that this was an SOS and that Mikkel needed to go to the vet ASAP and since I had no car she picked us up and within an hour after finding the suspicious little bald spot on Mikkel’s belly we were at the vet.

Mikkel was super chill and went out of the carrier like what ever and I explained to the vet, Danny, what I have found and that I suspected it to be something dangerous for my little boy. Danny asked me to show him where it was. I picked Mikkel up in my arms with belly up and showed him where. He looked a long time at Mikkel’s entire belly and then said to me with a smile he had trouble hiding “that right there is Mikkel’s belly button”.

My friend busted into laughter and Danny did his very best to hold back from laughing. I turned completely red in my face from embarrassment and walked out from there like if I have had the cone of shame on me. It was so embarrassing! Luckily Danny didn’t charged me for the consultation and to this day he still smiles a little extra at me when we meet and my friend still jokes about the day we rushed to the vet with Mikkel because he has a belly button! 😂


I hope my embarrassing stories made you smile!
Have a happy Monday.

Love, Mikala


3 thoughts on “The two most embarrassing things I have ever done!

  1. One of my most embarrassing moments was also at the vet. We found a stray cat living under our house, took her in and named the fragile-looking, little thing “Princess.” After a week, we took her to the vet for a check-up and shots. The vet lifted Princess’s tail and said, “You’re going to need a new name — how about Prince? You’ve got a male cat here.” I swear we both had checked and didn’t find any “distinguishing features” when we first brought him indoors, but there they were. He must have been so starved and thin that those “distinguishing features” had receded into his body. After a week of being well-fed, he plumped up and he was quite obviously male.

  2. Mikala for…..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Den bedste er nu den med navlen! Gad godt have været med hos dyrlægen den dag!😂😂😂
    Griner stadig mens jeg skriver….😆😆

  3. Thank you for posting this Mikala, I needed a good laugh today. I remember when Monte went missing, the little stinker. Lol. However, the bellybutton story is hysterical and I can totally see myself doing the same exact thing!

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