Monty and Molly at the eye doctor!

Happy Monday, everyone!

We had a vet appointment with an eye doctor for both Monty and Molly.
We wanted to know if Molly would need eye surgery due to inverted eyelashes.
Monty has had runny eyes for weeks now and a week on eyedrops didn’t make any difference. So we wanted to get a thorough check-up just to be sure it wasn’t something like cataracts or something!

They both did so well, even though the sweet vet did all kinds of tests on them and the results were not what we were expecting!

Molly does not need a surgery at least not now (maybe when she gets old and wrinkly)! Monty has mild conjunctivitis and it’s easily treated with eyedrops 3 times a day for a week!

We are so relieved!

You can watch the whole vet visit in this video!


Peek a boo!
Ready to go home!
Finally home again.

2 thoughts on “Monty and Molly at the eye doctor!

  1. Adorable video of the trip to the vet, Glad they are both ok!! Love you guys ❤️

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