At the movie theater with Monty and Molly!

Yesterday we shot at a pretty awesome location!

We basically had our own private mini movie theater where they showed “The secret life of pets 2” in Danish.

We were filming some scenes with Monty and Molly watching the movie. That might sounds easy but let me tell you with a crazy happy kitten girl like Molly and a grown up man like Monty that knows exactly what he wants and does not want, it takes a long time! 😉 We don’t want to force either Monty or Molly to do anything they dont want to, so it just takes some times with a whole lot of toys and playtime.

The awesome team of United International Pictures Danmark had prepared the day with a lot of candy for us and toys for Monty and Molly.

Days like these are magical and so much fun and makes it all worth it to be social influencers!

You can watch the finished result at Monty and Molly’s instagram and facebook pages.
We hope it makes you smile! 🙂

IMG_6021 2
IMG_1309 2


IMG_1337IMG_6122IMG_6118IMG_6054 2

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