How to: Make a Cat Proof Fence!

It’s finally here! The “How to Make a Cat Proof Fence” video!


About two years ago, we moved into our house in the countryside.
The reason for that was very simple: we just wanted a big backyard for Monty to roam around in!
We lived in a 3 bedroom apartment before with a nice open yard outside. We walked Monty on a leash and he loved it! In fact, he loved it so much that he often woke us up in the middle of the night because he wanted to get out and explore nature.

When we adopted Monty from a shelter, the staff informed us that Monty always had been an indoor cat but like many other cats, Monty got really excited and happy to be outside. So when we finally had the opportunity to move into a house with a huge backyard for our boy, we didn’t hesitate!

The first thing we did when we moved in was to completely cat proof the fence so Monty couldn’t get out but instead play safely in the yard as much as he wanted.

We know that this is a controversial topic for many people… should a cat live their whole life in an apartment or should they just run free or should you keep them inside the yard?
Do you only have a tiny cat scratching pole in the corner of your home or do you have places where your cat can climb, get up high and do you engage them with daily playtime?
Everyone has their own opinion and we do too.
In our opinion a cat can easily be just as happy as an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. For the record, an outdoor cat can easily be bored if it doesn’t get any playtime and quality time with their human!
So it’s really all about the atmosphere of your home, what is available to enrich your cat’s life, and of course the cat’s temperament should be taken into account. Some cats simply do not want to live in an apartment and some might get too stressed outside.

It is very important to us as parents to Monty and Molly, that we know they are safe in our big backyard and we simply aren’t comfortable letting them run free. We would never get sleep knowing they would be outside all by themselves!
That’s why we feel that this cat proof fence is the perfect solution for all four of us.

Let us know in the comments if this video inspired you to cat proof your yard, if you want to see more “how to” videos, or if you’re interested in something completely different!


Mikala & Michael

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