How to: Make a Cat Proof Fence!

It’s finally here! The “How to Make a Cat Proof Fence” video!


About two years ago, we moved into our house in the countryside.
The reason for that was very simple: we just wanted a big backyard for Monty to roam around in!
We lived in a 3 bedroom apartment before with a nice open yard outside. We walked Monty on a leash and he loved it! In fact, he loved it so much that he often woke us up in the middle of the night because he wanted to get out and explore nature.

When we adopted Monty from a shelter, the staff informed us that Monty always had been an indoor cat but like many other cats, Monty got really excited and happy to be outside. So when we finally had the opportunity to move into a house with a huge backyard for our boy, we didn’t hesitate!

The first thing we did when we moved in was to completely cat proof the fence so Monty couldn’t get out but instead play safely in the yard as much as he wanted.

We know that this is a controversial topic for many people… should a cat live their whole life in an apartment or should they just run free or should you keep them inside the yard?
Do you only have a tiny cat scratching pole in the corner of your home or do you have places where your cat can climb, get up high and do you engage them with daily playtime?
Everyone has their own opinion and we do too.
In our opinion a cat can easily be just as happy as an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. For the record, an outdoor cat can easily be bored if it doesn’t get any playtime and quality time with their human!
So it’s really all about the atmosphere of your home, what is available to enrich your cat’s life, and of course the cat’s temperament should be taken into account. Some cats simply do not want to live in an apartment and some might get too stressed outside.

It is very important to us as parents to Monty and Molly, that we know they are safe in our big backyard and we simply aren’t comfortable letting them run free. We would never get sleep knowing they would be outside all by themselves!
That’s why we feel that this cat proof fence is the perfect solution for all four of us.

Let us know in the comments if this video inspired you to cat proof your yard, if you want to see more “how to” videos, or if you’re interested in something completely different!


Mikala & Michael

Meet-and-greet with Molly!

Meet-and-greet with Molly!

We went with  Molly to an awesome meet-and-greet for the new movie “Secret Life Of Pets 2”.

As you know we are very protective of the kids so we rarely take them anywhere, but Molly showed us that she wants more!
This little super star girl loved the attention! She was surrounded by all new toys and lots of kids that wanted to play with her. She literally rolled around and played the whole time, walking around with her tail high among people to see if they had any snacks for her!

Here are some of the many pictures from the day.

Selfie with a blep!
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
Before the show. Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
“Oh hi there! Do you by any chance have any snacks for me?”
Enjoying attention from Michael. Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
We had bought so many new things for her to enjoy at the event. One of them is this huge feather thing and that’s probably her favourite. Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
She is such a kitten! Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Queen of Fluff! Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
She truly loved the attention! Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
She were free to roam around while we looked after her of course and she loved to lay on the most centered table in the entire room! Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
Photo of a man taking a photo of his princess cat girl. Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
The most luxurious movie theater! Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Forpremiere på Kæledyrenes Hemmelige Liv 2
She wanted to go up to all the kids. Photo by: Fotograf Klaus Bo
Selfie with some of the guests before the start of the movie.

A big thank you to the great team of United International Pictures Danmark and the beautiful movie theater Kinopalæet in Lyngby.

At the movie theater with Monty and Molly!

At the movie theater with Monty and Molly!

Yesterday we shot at a pretty awesome location!

We basically had our own private mini movie theater where they showed “The secret life of pets 2” in Danish.

We were filming some scenes with Monty and Molly watching the movie. That might sounds easy but let me tell you with a crazy happy kitten girl like Molly and a grown up man like Monty that knows exactly what he wants and does not want, it takes a long time! 😉 We don’t want to force either Monty or Molly to do anything they dont want to, so it just takes some times with a whole lot of toys and playtime.

The awesome team of United International Pictures Danmark had prepared the day with a lot of candy for us and toys for Monty and Molly.

Days like these are magical and so much fun and makes it all worth it to be social influencers!

You can watch the finished result at Monty and Molly’s instagram and facebook pages.
We hope it makes you smile! 🙂

IMG_6021 2
IMG_1309 2


IMG_1337IMG_6122IMG_6118IMG_6054 2

I biografen med Monty og Molly!

I biografen med Monty og Molly!

Igår var vi på en virkelig fed location til filming med Monty og Molly!

Vi havde praktisk talt vores egen private hyggelige biograf, hvor der blev vist Kæledyrenes hemmelige liv 2.

Vi skulle filme nogen scener med Monty og Molly som sad på biograf sæderne og så filmen. Det lyder jo ret nemt, men med en fjollet katte pige som Molly og en bestemt og voksen herre som Monty, tog det altså et par timer. Vi hverken kan, eller vil tvinge dem til noget som helst, så det blev i deres eget tempo og via leg.
Resultatet blev rigtig godt og virkelig sjovt.

Skønne United International Pictures Danmark havde linet op med alt muligt lækkert til os og legetøj til Monty og Molly.

Dage som disse, gør det bare ekstra fedt at lave det vi laver! 😀

Det endelige resultat kan ses på Monty og Mollys Instagram og Facebook, hvor vi netop har startet en giveaway med intet mindre end 24 biograf billetter til filmen fordelt til 12 heldige følgere.
Du kan deltage på alle 4 kanaler.

Iøvrigt er der stadig få billetter tilbage til forpremieren nu på Søndag. Vi holder en fest af en meet-and-greet i Lyngby biograf Kinopalæet, hvor du kan møde os og Molly. Vi åbner filmen med en Q&A om hvad vi laver og de mest spurgte spørgsmål om Monty og Molly.

Hvis du ønsker billetter så er her et link til at bestille til Kinopalæet i Lyngby.

IMG_6021 2
IMG_1309 2
Hun er simpelthen så dygtig til at sidde stille


IMG_6042 2
Alt godt til filmen
IMG_6074 2
Hvor magien starter

IMG_6054 2


Monty and Molly at the eye doctor!

Monty and Molly at the eye doctor!

Happy Monday, everyone!

We had a vet appointment with an eye doctor for both Monty and Molly.
We wanted to know if Molly would need eye surgery due to inverted eyelashes.
Monty has had runny eyes for weeks now and a week on eyedrops didn’t make any difference. So we wanted to get a thorough check-up just to be sure it wasn’t something like cataracts or something!

They both did so well, even though the sweet vet did all kinds of tests on them and the results were not what we were expecting!

Molly does not need a surgery at least not now (maybe when she gets old and wrinkly)! Monty has mild conjunctivitis and it’s easily treated with eyedrops 3 times a day for a week!

We are so relieved!

You can watch the whole vet visit in this video!


Peek a boo!
Ready to go home!
Finally home again.

Something you didn’t know about Michael!

Something you didn’t know about Michael!

Yesterday I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!

Not that many people know this, but Michael has been part of a hilarious improv comedy group for more than six years. Their name is ImproKat (ImproKat facebook) and they can always make me laugh! They have had many jobs over the years in Denmark where they have been booked for birthdays, company parties and much more.
Sadly the group members decided to freeze the group down indefinitely because they all have so much going on in their lives that there simply isn’t enough time to priority the group.
Yesterday was their last show and I seriously have never laughed so laugh and for such a long time in my entire life!

I hope that the group will unfreeze again one day so I can enjoy their humor, insanely good timing and just their hilarious personalities!

If you haven’t seen improv comedy before let me just tell you that you have been missing out of a lot of fun (if the group is good of course!).

IMG_5568 2
About to start
IMG_5573 2
They are freezing the group down in style!

IMG_5583 2IMG_5580 2IMG_5598 2

IMG_5605 2
The group with some of the previous members. Some might recognise the beautiful lady in zebra dress! Yes it’s Sofie La Fille <3

The two most embarrassing things I have ever done!

The two most embarrassing things I have ever done!

It’s Monday and in case you are feeling the Monday blues just like me, I want to cheer you up with the two most embarrassing things I have ever done! It’s funny and very embarrassing!

Some of you might know one of the stories. It’s regarding Monty missing (believe me it’s funny) and a cats belly button!

Last year in the summer time Monty went missing!
We were 100% sure he’d run out the front door! He must have, ‘cause we couldn’t find him ANYWHERE!
We searched the entire house and backyard and I mean EVERYWHERE! Inside the couch, the cabinets everywhere the house, the oven (!!) and the fridge! He was no where to be found and we were desperate!
After searching for him for 2 hours, we had to ask for help to find him before the sun went down! So we went live from Monty’s pages and asked people in the area to come and help us look. The thing is that when you go live from your phone you can’t choose a specific area for your live stream so we had to go live in front of all of Monty’s followers on Instagram and Facebook.

We live on the country side and right up against some woods so the find Monty would be very difficult to do alone!
No one on our street had seen Monty except for a worker that had seen a cat like Monty walking into the woods hours ago. We panicked even more and since it also was the hottest summer in 30 years, we had to force our way into the very dense woods in shorts and t-shirts (both Michael and I got some pretty deep cuts, but of course we didn’t even notice because our boy was missing)!
Soon after going live, crying from the woods for help, amazing people started to show up to help us search and soon more than 15 people were looking and more were on the way!
At one point I (Mikala) was so exhausted from crying and calling for Monty that I went inside for some water with one of the people who had come to help us, Anne.
I was crying my heart out and Anne tried to calm me down, when she suddenly said totally casually, “Hey Monty, there you are!” In a split second I thought to myself “that’s mean to make a joke like that”, until I looked in her direction! And there he was! Laying totally chill in a box connected to his cat flap!
We have never been so happy, relieved and annoyed all at the same time. He had been there the whole time while we had been going out of our minds, searching the entire house, the freaking oven and fridge (!!), the woods with cuts up and down our limbs, went live and worried so many people and dragged people all the way to our place to help us look, when he was laying comfortably napping the entire time!
We were so embarrassed but all the people that had showed up were so nice and cool and everyone was invited in for a special meet-and-greet with Monty, cold sodas (and beer for those who had been extra worried: me!), chips and Monty pillows for everyone!
What a day! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️😂

IMG_0647 2
His hiding place!



The other embarrassing thing is funny enough also involving a cat!

I was cat mom to the sweetest little three-legged ginger boy named Mikkel.
I have always been a tiny bit overprotective of my fur kids and when said that I one day found a very suspicious small bald spot on Mikkel’s belly. After counting nipples I was certain that it was something other than that so I called the vet and asked for an emergency appointment NOW since it was Friday and I couldn’t let my poor boy go around with this weird thing on his belly for an entire weekend! As I told the vet, it could be anything and maybe something serious!
I got the appointment and I called my friend and told her that this was an SOS and that Mikkel needed to go to the vet ASAP and since I had no car she picked us up and within an hour after finding the suspicious little bald spot on Mikkel’s belly we were at the vet.

Mikkel was super chill and went out of the carrier like what ever and I explained to the vet, Danny, what I have found and that I suspected it to be something dangerous for my little boy. Danny asked me to show him where it was. I picked Mikkel up in my arms with belly up and showed him where. He looked a long time at Mikkel’s entire belly and then said to me with a smile he had trouble hiding “that right there is Mikkel’s belly button”.

My friend busted into laughter and Danny did his very best to hold back from laughing. I turned completely red in my face from embarrassment and walked out from there like if I have had the cone of shame on me. It was so embarrassing! Luckily Danny didn’t charged me for the consultation and to this day he still smiles a little extra at me when we meet and my friend still jokes about the day we rushed to the vet with Mikkel because he has a belly button! 😂


I hope my embarrassing stories made you smile!
Have a happy Monday.

Love, Mikala


How we introduced Monty and Molly to each other!

A lot of people have been asking how we introduced Monty and Molly to each other, how they became friends so fast and if we used a special method.

The short answer is yes! We used a special method when we introduced them to each other because we wanted to make it right the first time. We wanted to do everything we could so we would increase the chances on them getting friends and not enemies because making two cats become friends after them having a bad first meeting, can definitely be a challenge!

After hours of searching all over the internet on “the best way to introduce two cats to each other”, reading articles from vets and watching youtube videos, we found that the best way for Monty and Molly would probably be the method Jackson Galaxy is using and teaching. Find the article and video with him here!

Watch the video of me trying my best to explain how we did it. I will say that this is my first “how to” video and after editing it, I realised that I talk A LOT and not always in correct English! 😉 So bear with me okay..



In short steps of what we did:

  1. Made Molly her own room with everything she needed.
  2. After a few weeks when she was flee free and also had gotten used to her new room, we made a “safe wall” between her room and the hallway where Monty had access to.
  3. We placed Monty in another room while we sat up the fenced barrier between Monty and Molly and placed a blanket on the fence, so they couldn’t see each other at all.
  4. Then we fet them their favorite food on each side of the blanket.
    They could hear and smell each other but they couldn’t see each other. This step is really important to maintain at least 3 days or until the cats doesn’t care anymore about the sounds on the other side.
  5. After 3 days of feeding them on each side of the blanket twice a day, we started to lift the blanket a tiny bit.
    They could now see a little bit of each other, while having their favorite food.
  6. We continued this method around 14 days where we lifted the blanket a little more every other day. (Important to note that if you do this and one of your cats starts to show sings of aggression, you need to take a step back. Put the blanket all the way down if you need to. You have to have patience.)
  7. Then we scent swapped by placing Molly in the bathroom.
    A good idea is to take a small space at a time so the cat don’t get overwhelmed and scared.
  8. While Molly was in the bathroom we let the door to her room be open so Monty could go in if he wanted to by himself. (Do not force your cat.)
  9. They both did so well that we continued the scent swapping and feeding on each side of the blanket a few more weeks until we finally let Molly out of her room to explore on her own while Monty was being pampered and brushed in the sofa. When he saw her walking on the floor he emidiatly knew who it was because we had been taking it so slow and he didn’t even seem to care, but instead stayed on Michael’s lap.
  10. Molly had access to the entire house supervised a few hours every, until we felt safe enough to let them be together without us watching them.

Here are the links to the products we used: Feliway diffusor, Bach Flower Remedies and Zylkene.

We hope that you found this helpful and interesting. Please tell us in the comments what you would like to see next!


“Hvad gør i når katten dør?“

“Hvad gør i når katten dør?” 

Utroligt nok, er dette spørgsmål, det mest spurgte spørgsmål vi får fra mennesker vi møder i Danmark! 

Vi kan gå en tur i København, blive stoppet af en Monty fan som vil have en selfie, hvilket vi synes er virkelig hyggeligt og sjovt, men ligeså snart vi begynder at samtale er det 99% sikkert, at der bliver spurgt følgende; “Hvad gør i egentlig når katten (eller Monty) dør?” 

Hvad er dog det for et spørgsmål?!!

Det er så sindsygt grænseoverskridende og pisse hamrende negativt og direkte ubehageligt, for at sige det ligeud!

For os, er Monty og Molly vores børn og ja, vi ved da godt at statistisk set bliver de måske omkring 13-20 år og forhåbentlig meget ældre (verdens ældste kat blev 38!). Derfor overlever vi dem og vi er også udmærket klar over, at det er katte og ikke mennesker, men det ændre ikke på, at vi føler ubetinget kærlighed til dem begge to og at vi vil gøre alt for, at gøre dem glade! Vi får så meget kærlighed og hengivenhed retur og nu BEHØVER alle mennesker jo ikke at få menneske børn! 

Vi lever i en tid, hvor du kan være lige det du ønsker at være, familier bliver sammensat på mange forskellige måder og der skal være plads til alle. Med det sagt, vil jeg sige, at Monty og Molly er vores børn og dette lyder måske hårdt, men næste gang jeg bliver spurgt, “Hvad gør i egentlig når katten(e) (eller Monty) dør?”, går jeg amok! 

Hvis du ønsker at vide, hvad vores plan er i forhold til vores virksomhed, så tænk lige over følgende INDEN du spørger indtil det; er vi tætte venner, hvad får du ud af at spørge, kan du egentlig tillade dig at spørge indtil så privat en ting som planerne for vores virksomhed? Hvis svaret er nej bare én gang, så lad være at spørge. Helt simpelt, lad være…

Vi ønsker at sprede glæde og positivt fokus på det uperfekte og derfor elsker vi at blive mødt med smil og glæde og vi giver glædeligt selfies og vi elsker desuden at se billeder og videoer af andres dyre-børn. Spørgsmål omkring Monty og Molly er også altid velkomne. Fx bliver vi ofte spurgt om “hvordan kan i mærke på Monty og Molly at de har “katte down syndrome”. Vi ønsker at sprede budskabet om kærligheden til det unikke og anderledes og især internatsdyrene, hvor rigtig mange med specielle behov, bliver overset. Så spørg endelig! 🙂

Jeg ved at jeg lyder som en sur gammel kælling med dette indlæg og det er jeg bare slet ikke normalt, men jeg er bare så træt og ked af det samme ubehagelige spørgsmål igen og igen. Vi bliver mindet om i tide og utide, at vores børn er katte børn og at de skal herfra før os. Monty er 9 år og hverken Michael eller jeg, har lyst til at gå og tænke på alder. Vi nyder vores tid sammen i stedet for. 

Har i en plan for fremtiden?

Ja, selvfølgelig har vi en plan for fremtiden. Det har alle med en virksomhed forhåbentlig.. Men har vi lyst til at gå i detaljer om, hvad vi gør den dag kattene ikke er her mere? Svaret er nej. Virksomhedsplaner og “worst case” er noget vi har talt om for mange år siden med hinanden og med vores tætte venner og familie. 

Molly som backup!?

Efter vi har adopteret Molly, har vi så hørt virkelig mange kommentarer som “Det var smart, for så har i en backup kat til når Monty dør”. Vi kigger hver eneste gang på hinanden og jeg kan se på Michael, at han liige skal trække vejret en ekstra gang. For vi adopterede altså ikke Molly for at have en “backup kat”! OMG! For real en klam kommentar altså! Vi adopterede Molly i håb om, at Monty ville acceptere hende, når nu de har samme kromosomfejl. Monty kan jo ikke lide andre katte, men han vil så gerne lege og det er tydeligt, at han ville elske at have en han kan lege fangeleg med og det har han så heldigvis fået i fjollede lille Molly.

Vi så Molly som en plejekat i starten, fordi vi var nød til at være sikre på, at Monty og Molly overhovedet kunne komme til at kunne lide hinanden. Hvis Monty (eller Molly for den sags skyld), efter 3 måneder ikke kunne udstå synet af hinanden, ville vi finde et andet hjem til hende. Heldigvis viste vores antagelser at have ret. Monty elsker at lege med Molly og Molly forguder vitterligt Monty. Hun er hele tiden hvor han er, hun elsker at lege med ham og hun er udmærket klar over, at det er Monty som bestemmer. De er gode til at trække sig og de er rigtig gode til at fjolle rundt sammen. Monty er livet helt op, efter Molly er kommet ind i billedet.

Så nej, vi har ikke adopteret Molly som en backup!!

Hvad bliver i spurgt om i udlandet?

Når vi fx er i USA, er de spørgsmål vi bliver spurgt om “Hvor har i adopteret Monty fra?”, “Hvordan fandt i på hans navn?” og “Hvordan startede hele Monty universet?” og så ellers bare kærlige kommentarer.

Ingen af os kan mindes, at vi nogen sinde har hørt sætningen “Hvad gør i egentlig når katten dør?”, af mennesker i andre lande end Danmark.

Dette skyldes jo nok, at vi i Danmark bliver opflasket med, at vi helst ikke skal tage for mange chancer, men i stedet for, tage en uddannelse, så vi kan få et fast job og derved have sikkerhed.

Det er også virkelig godt, for det gør jo netop, at vores samfund kan køre og vi ikke har så mange arbejdsløse og hjemløse som de fx har i USA, men det betyder også bare, at når så mennesker tager en chance og falder udenfor denne her “sikkerheds mentalitet”, bliver der stillet så utroligt mange spørgsmålstegn ved dette og havde det nu bare været spørgsmål som var til ting og ikke spørgsmål omkring dem, vi har så meget kærlighed til, var det meget nemmere at deale med. 

Jeg er jo udmærket godt klar over, at folk ikke spørger for at være tarvelige. De spørger fordi det er et helt realt spørgsmål. For hvad ville vi egentlig gøre, hvis nu Monty ikke var her i morgen? Men fordi vi har så uendelig meget kærlighed til den lille fyr, er det umuligt for os, ikke at tage skide personligt! Der bliver jo spurgt følgende i vores hoveder “Hvad gør i når jeres BARN dør” og ikke “Hvad er jeres forretningsplaner i forhold til virksomheden, hvis Monty ikke længere har hovedrollen på jeres kanaler”. Der er KÆMPE forskel på dette, selvom det er samme spørgsmål. Det ene spørgsmål handler for os om, hvordan vi skal takle rent personligt at Monty går bort og det andet er baseret på virksomheden..

Hold op det blev langt dette indlæg. Sorry. Jeg tænkte bare at det var på tide, at jeg kom ud med det, og så er det også et håb om, at det kan give bedre forståelse og ikke mindst forståelse for, hvis jeg pludselig flipper ud næste gang vi bliver spurgt om hvad vi gør, når vores katte dør…



Molly at the vet!

Have you ever checked your cat’s teeth? You definitely should, since dental problems are the most common disease in cats. Cats are secretive by nature, and it can be difficult to tell if a cat is in pain.

Today we had a vet appointment for Molly because we suspected something might be wrong with some of her front teeth.
When we adopted her about four months ago, she had the most perfect set of front teeth, but recently we noticed her gums looked red, swollen, and irritated. We called the vet and made an appointment.

We are using Monty’s vet for Molly since we love the team and it’s a part of the shelter from where we adopted Monty, so whenever we visit the vet, we are supporting the shelter cats!
The vet, Katrine (Kat), examined Molly and said that they needed to get some x-rays to see what was going on with those front teeth.

We had to leave Molly as she was going under anaesthesia, and saying goodbye to her even though it was only for four hours was difficult!

Drunk and waking up

When it comes to Monty and Molly, we are so soft and Michael even asked me in the car if we could just stay in the parking lot and wait for her so we could be close to her. But we pulled ourselves together and drove home to keep Monty company while we waited.

Four hours later we picked up our little girl. She was very tired and still drunk from the anaesthesia (and still is).
It felt so good to kiss her and she was clearly very happy to see us!
Kat told us that the x-rays showed that one of the front teeth needed to be taken out, and they were able to do that while she was under the anaesthesia. Everything went perfectly and Molly also got a teeth cleaning.

When we got home, Monty greeted her with headbonks and a lot of sniffing. She obviously smells weird to him but he isn’t hissing or anything.

Right now Molly is sleeping in her basket and Monty is laying next to her, like he is watching over her. He is the best big brother!

Finally in our arms again
Finally home again



I dag havde vi Molly en tur til dyrlægen, for hendes fortænder i under -og overmund ser altså bare mærkelige ud!

Da vi adopterede lille Molly for ca 4 måneder siden, sad hendes tænder snor lige, som en Colgate reklame, men her kort tid efter, er hendes helt små fortænder på mærkeligt vis rykket sig! Det lyder mærkeligt og det ser underligt ud, så nu var det altså tid til dyrlægen.

Vi bruger altid katteklinikken på Kattens Værn i Brøndby (, hvor vi i 2013 også adopterede Monty fra. Kattens Værn er jo absolut ikke nogen rig forening og de har da også underskud på alle adoptionskattene og vildkattene de redder, så hver eneste gang du vælger at bruge Kattens Værns katteklinik, støtter du deres kæmpe arbejde for alle Danmarks katte og du kan være velvidende om, at du ikke støtter en privat dyrlæges fede bil, men til gengæld katte i nød. Det kan vi godt lide at tænke på, men uanset hvilken dyrlæge du vælger, er det bare vigtigt at du stoler på personen.

Nå men vi afleverede Molly i morges og efter at dyrlæge Katrine (Kat), havde kigget på hende, vurderede hun, at der skulle røngent billeder til, for at kunne se om der var nogen af tænderne, der skulle opereres ud. Så lille Molly skulle i narkose.

Det var jo absolut ikke sjovt, at køre fra vores lille pige og vi skulle da også lige tage os sammen, til rent faktisk at starte bilen ude på parkeringspladsen, hvor Michael forsøgte at overtale mig til at vi da sagtens kunne sidde og vente i de 4 timers tid. 😉

Da vi hentede lille Molly igen, havde hun fået opereret 2 tænder ud og det bekræftede os i, at det var den rigtige beslutning vi havde taget, ved at tage hende til dyrlægen.

Operationen var gået godt og hun havde også fået tandrens.

Monty blev rigtig glad for at se sin lillesøster igen, også selvom hun tydeligvis lugter af dyrlæge og er halvfuld, den lille stakkel.

Lige nu ligger de ved siden af hinanden. Molly i sin kurv og Monty ved siden af kurven, hvor det ligner han ligger og passer på hende.