Something you didn’t know about Michael!

Something you didn’t know about Michael!

Yesterday I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!

Not that many people know this, but Michael has been part of a hilarious improv comedy group for more than six years. Their name is ImproKat (ImproKat facebook) and they can always make me laugh! They have had many jobs over the years in Denmark where they have been booked for birthdays, company parties and much more.
Sadly the group members decided to freeze the group down indefinitely because they all have so much going on in their lives that there simply isn’t enough time to priority the group.
Yesterday was their last show and I seriously have never laughed so laugh and for such a long time in my entire life!

I hope that the group will unfreeze again one day so I can enjoy their humor, insanely good timing and just their hilarious personalities!

If you haven’t seen improv comedy before let me just tell you that you have been missing out of a lot of fun (if the group is good of course!).

IMG_5568 2
About to start
IMG_5573 2
They are freezing the group down in style!

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IMG_5605 2
The group with some of the previous members. Some might recognise the beautiful lady in zebra dress! Yes it’s Sofie La Fille <3