How we introduced Monty and Molly to each other!

A lot of people have been asking how we introduced Monty and Molly to each other, how they became friends so fast and if we used a special method.

The short answer is yes! We used a special method when we introduced them to each other because we wanted to make it right the first time. We wanted to do everything we could so we would increase the chances on them getting friends and not enemies because making two cats become friends after them having a bad first meeting, can definitely be a challenge!

After hours of searching all over the internet on “the best way to introduce two cats to each other”, reading articles from vets and watching youtube videos, we found that the best way for Monty and Molly would probably be the method Jackson Galaxy is using and teaching. Find the article and video with him here!

Watch the video of me trying my best to explain how we did it. I will say that this is my first “how to” video and after editing it, I realised that I talk A LOT and not always in correct English! 😉 So bear with me okay..



In short steps of what we did:

  1. Made Molly her own room with everything she needed.
  2. After a few weeks when she was flee free and also had gotten used to her new room, we made a “safe wall” between her room and the hallway where Monty had access to.
  3. We placed Monty in another room while we sat up the fenced barrier between Monty and Molly and placed a blanket on the fence, so they couldn’t see each other at all.
  4. Then we fet them their favorite food on each side of the blanket.
    They could hear and smell each other but they couldn’t see each other. This step is really important to maintain at least 3 days or until the cats doesn’t care anymore about the sounds on the other side.
  5. After 3 days of feeding them on each side of the blanket twice a day, we started to lift the blanket a tiny bit.
    They could now see a little bit of each other, while having their favorite food.
  6. We continued this method around 14 days where we lifted the blanket a little more every other day. (Important to note that if you do this and one of your cats starts to show sings of aggression, you need to take a step back. Put the blanket all the way down if you need to. You have to have patience.)
  7. Then we scent swapped by placing Molly in the bathroom.
    A good idea is to take a small space at a time so the cat don’t get overwhelmed and scared.
  8. While Molly was in the bathroom we let the door to her room be open so Monty could go in if he wanted to by himself. (Do not force your cat.)
  9. They both did so well that we continued the scent swapping and feeding on each side of the blanket a few more weeks until we finally let Molly out of her room to explore on her own while Monty was being pampered and brushed in the sofa. When he saw her walking on the floor he emidiatly knew who it was because we had been taking it so slow and he didn’t even seem to care, but instead stayed on Michael’s lap.
  10. Molly had access to the entire house supervised a few hours every, until we felt safe enough to let them be together without us watching them.

Here are the links to the products we used: Feliway diffusor, Bach Flower Remedies and Zylkene.

We hope that you found this helpful and interesting. Please tell us in the comments what you would like to see next!


Q&A with Monty

We get a lot of the same questions about Monty.
We have put them all together in this Q&A blog post!

How old is Monty and when is his birthday?

Monty is seven and his birthday is December 1st.

What’s up with Monty’s nose? Can he breathe through it?

Monty has a sunken nasal bridge. He has a nose bone—otherwise his nose would have no nostrils—but the partition in one of his nostrils is warped and makes it have a tinier hole. He can breathe through his nose but sometimes he needs to have a sneeze attack to clean out the one tiny nostril. The other nostril is fine.

Is Monty a special breed?

No, Monty is born with a chromosomal abnormality and that’s why he looks a bit different. We adopted Monty from our local PAWsome cat shelter called “Kattens Værn” ( meaning “the cats shelter at Danish”).

Does Monty have any problems due to his chromosomal abnormality?

Monty is born with a small defect on his bladder. It is really rare but luckily nothing he can’t live with. His ureter leads to his urethra instead of his bladder. This causes him to sometimes leak in his sleep. He can’t help it and luckily it’s just a few drops. It doesn’t happen every day and Monty doesn’t even notice it since it only happens when he is sleeping in a certain position and is in really deep sleep. Whenever we notice a little pee on the blankets we just wash them right away.

What is Monty’s personality like? Is he different from other cats because of his chromosomal abnormality?

Monty is a very gentle cat and his personality reflects that of course. He will share his love with every human being, and dogs as well, but over the years he has become so close with especially me (Michael, his dad) and if he sees me cuddle another cat, he will hiss at it and tell me who I belong to. In the rare cases that Monty gets nervous (if, for instance, someone in my family picks him up and it’s a month since he has seen the person), he’ll let us know with a simple meow and never his claws. Even though he’s gentle, Monty has a really strong personality! If he wants something he will scream until we get it and do what he wants. He gets those weird ideas sometimes… Suddenly he wants to get up on the closet. There is nothing there, but he just wants to and it has to be NOW! Then he will meow until I lift him up. It can also be a shelf in a closet or something else really high up. A few minutes later, he will meow really loudly because he wants down and then I help him down. He will come to my hand so I can reach him and he trusts completely that I will not drop him.
And then there’s the cuddling. When Monty wants to cuddle he will start purring like any other cat, but he will also get a really big puffy tail and then start the screaming/meowing until we cuddle with him. He will also show us where he wants to cuddle. Most likely the bed! Then he will meow a lot until we give up what we are doing and follow him. He will then show us the bed and we have to lay in it. We can’t just sit, otherwise he will continue the loud meowing because maybe he knows that we are on our way up again. If we lay down we will probably stay a little longer. He’s a clever boy!
We often descibe Monty as a “forever kitten”. He’s always happy, has no fear, and he is extremely closely bonded with us.