How to: Make a Cat Proof Fence!

It’s finally here! The “How to Make a Cat Proof Fence” video!


About two years ago, we moved into our house in the countryside.
The reason for that was very simple: we just wanted a big backyard for Monty to roam around in!
We lived in a 3 bedroom apartment before with a nice open yard outside. We walked Monty on a leash and he loved it! In fact, he loved it so much that he often woke us up in the middle of the night because he wanted to get out and explore nature.

When we adopted Monty from a shelter, the staff informed us that Monty always had been an indoor cat but like many other cats, Monty got really excited and happy to be outside. So when we finally had the opportunity to move into a house with a huge backyard for our boy, we didn’t hesitate!

The first thing we did when we moved in was to completely cat proof the fence so Monty couldn’t get out but instead play safely in the yard as much as he wanted.

We know that this is a controversial topic for many people… should a cat live their whole life in an apartment or should they just run free or should you keep them inside the yard?
Do you only have a tiny cat scratching pole in the corner of your home or do you have places where your cat can climb, get up high and do you engage them with daily playtime?
Everyone has their own opinion and we do too.
In our opinion a cat can easily be just as happy as an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. For the record, an outdoor cat can easily be bored if it doesn’t get any playtime and quality time with their human!
So it’s really all about the atmosphere of your home, what is available to enrich your cat’s life, and of course the cat’s temperament should be taken into account. Some cats simply do not want to live in an apartment and some might get too stressed outside.

It is very important to us as parents to Monty and Molly, that we know they are safe in our big backyard and we simply aren’t comfortable letting them run free. We would never get sleep knowing they would be outside all by themselves!
That’s why we feel that this cat proof fence is the perfect solution for all four of us.

Let us know in the comments if this video inspired you to cat proof your yard, if you want to see more “how to” videos, or if you’re interested in something completely different!


Mikala & Michael

How we introduced Monty and Molly to each other!

A lot of people have been asking how we introduced Monty and Molly to each other, how they became friends so fast and if we used a special method.

The short answer is yes! We used a special method when we introduced them to each other because we wanted to make it right the first time. We wanted to do everything we could so we would increase the chances on them getting friends and not enemies because making two cats become friends after them having a bad first meeting, can definitely be a challenge!

After hours of searching all over the internet on “the best way to introduce two cats to each other”, reading articles from vets and watching youtube videos, we found that the best way for Monty and Molly would probably be the method Jackson Galaxy is using and teaching. Find the article and video with him here!

Watch the video of me trying my best to explain how we did it. I will say that this is my first “how to” video and after editing it, I realised that I talk A LOT and not always in correct English! 😉 So bear with me okay..



In short steps of what we did:

  1. Made Molly her own room with everything she needed.
  2. After a few weeks when she was flee free and also had gotten used to her new room, we made a “safe wall” between her room and the hallway where Monty had access to.
  3. We placed Monty in another room while we sat up the fenced barrier between Monty and Molly and placed a blanket on the fence, so they couldn’t see each other at all.
  4. Then we fet them their favorite food on each side of the blanket.
    They could hear and smell each other but they couldn’t see each other. This step is really important to maintain at least 3 days or until the cats doesn’t care anymore about the sounds on the other side.
  5. After 3 days of feeding them on each side of the blanket twice a day, we started to lift the blanket a tiny bit.
    They could now see a little bit of each other, while having their favorite food.
  6. We continued this method around 14 days where we lifted the blanket a little more every other day. (Important to note that if you do this and one of your cats starts to show sings of aggression, you need to take a step back. Put the blanket all the way down if you need to. You have to have patience.)
  7. Then we scent swapped by placing Molly in the bathroom.
    A good idea is to take a small space at a time so the cat don’t get overwhelmed and scared.
  8. While Molly was in the bathroom we let the door to her room be open so Monty could go in if he wanted to by himself. (Do not force your cat.)
  9. They both did so well that we continued the scent swapping and feeding on each side of the blanket a few more weeks until we finally let Molly out of her room to explore on her own while Monty was being pampered and brushed in the sofa. When he saw her walking on the floor he emidiatly knew who it was because we had been taking it so slow and he didn’t even seem to care, but instead stayed on Michael’s lap.
  10. Molly had access to the entire house supervised a few hours every, until we felt safe enough to let them be together without us watching them.

Here are the links to the products we used: Feliway diffusor, Bach Flower Remedies and Zylkene.

We hope that you found this helpful and interesting. Please tell us in the comments what you would like to see next!


The story about Molly

The story about Molly

It was so strange and a total coincidence that I (Mikala) was on Facebook one evening and saw that I had been tagged in a picture of this beautiful little kitty girl. She was looking for a new home because her family had realized that she had a very special personality and special needs that they didn’t feel they could fully meet. One of the things they couldn’t give her was a secure garden to play in. As an outdoor cat, this was important for Molly to have access to outside, but she often couldn’t find her way back home. One time, she was found about 20 kilometers away from her home and that was when her family decided that it was best to find her a new home. A home that could provide her with a big fenced garden and unlimited snuggles, as she is constantly asking for attention. Another thing about Molly is that with her special chromosome abnormality there might be some special needs that require a lot of vet care, and our experience with Monty who has the same chromosome abnormality and our amazing vet team made it feel like we would be the right home for her.

At 4:15 on a dark Friday morning, we drove across our country to pick up Molly and drive her to our vet before the weekend. We wanted her to get a full check-up and schedule an appointment for her to get spayed as soon as possible.

Very early Friday morning when we had just picked up little Molly 

We didn’t know much about Molly other than she most likely had the same chromosome abnormality as Monty, and that we felt so much love towards her just by looking at her picture!
What awaited us was so magical! This tiny little fur girl with a beautiful long coat and a nervous look was handed over to us. When we held her in our arms we couldn’t believe it! She didn’t weigh a thing! She was just so tiny and had the smallest body behind all that fluff. We kissed her and placed her in the carrier, fastened her securely, and drove back home. She didn’t make a single sound for the whole car ride (3.5 hours), just laying in the carrier and “slow blinked” at us (slow blinking is a cats way of smiling). We were in love already!

We got to the vet and was really exhausted from the long trip and a little amount of sleep, but then the vet opened up Molly’s carrier and she slowly walked out, started to purr and roll around on the table, we forgot all about us being tired! It was like getting five cups of coffee right at once! She was just perfect! Her personality was so happy and the vet tried many times to listen to her heart but she couldn’t because Molly simply didn’t stop purring!

As happy as we were, we were sad when we got her blood sample results the next day. It turned out from Molly’s blood samples that she might had something wrong with her heart and liver. In the best case, it could be stress related but we had to give her a full check up at the vet, including an ultrasound of her heart and liver before the vet could conclude anything. This was before she could even put Molly under anesthetic to get spayed, chiped and ear tattooed. We were very concerned, and scared as we were already in love with her!

We tried our best to think of Molly as our foster girl until we were sure that she and Monty could get along, but from the moment we saw her picture online, we just had this feeling that this was our girl. Which made the day she had the ultrasound very scary for us! Molly, on the other hand, took everything like a champ and didn’t make a single sound as she laid on the table and looked us in the eyes while the specialist did the ultrasound. At the end of the scan, the vet looked up at us with the biggest smile! Not only was Molly’s heart beating normally and looked perfect, it was beating at a normal resting heart rate! That was surprising, considering she was lying on a vet table! He said that it was very good and that she already trusted us a lot since she was so calm around us. Her liver also looked perfect and his conclusion was that she had been stressed and without food for a period when she was accidentally lost outside, so that must have been why her numbers were off. Of course we plan to get a new blood sample in a month to make sure that her numbers are normal again. And of course, with her chromosome abnormality, we never know what will come in the future (if anything) but from what the specialist could see, our little girl’s heart and liver are in perfect health.

Molly being such a brave girl and so calm while being scanned

We then took Molly home with us again and a few days later she got spayed and everything went great. Then we began the introduction of her and Monty and you all know how well that went! We cannot believe how easy it has been. Molly and Monty are the perfect match and because Molly is so submissive to Monty, she convinced him very early on that there is nothing to be scared of and that she came in peace and love!

One of the first times the booped noses

We want to mention that we can tell Molly had a very loving family before us since she loves people so much, but sometimes it’s just not the right match. We want to thank her family with all our hearts for giving us the opportunity to give this little amazing fur baby a forever home.

Already a mama’s girl